drop cap y@2xAROSLAVNA is a global bijouterie label that creates unique pieces for more than 10 years, which are stocked in over 300 of the department stores and shops in Europe and Russia. Every design is handmade of high quality natural materials in studios located in Moscow and Riga. Carefully selected pearl, corals, precious woods and semiprecious stones are finely crafted to achieve a contemporary aesthetic with a timeless feel.

The major key concept of the brand is creating jewellery in the style of timeless feminine classics, following to the certain trends. This makes YAROSLAVNA to stay substantial and beloved for many years.

Thanks to the painstaking manual process of creative artisans and strict quality the YAROSLAVNA jewellery takes the desired shape. A variety of handmade art or craft known to man since ancient times, such as beading, soutache and bead embroider, macrame, and others, is used in jewellery making.

At the moment YAROSLAVNA has more than 4000 types and names of products, but we don’t stand still and regularly update our range of the product line-up.

Due to high growth of sales of our existing and regular customers the Yaroslavna company can guarantee a successful collaboration with jewellery stores, bijouterie, outfit, accessory and gifts shops.


"All the most perfect
already created by nature,
I can only show people
this beauty"

Yaroslavna Dobryanskaya

Designer and owner of
brand "Yaroslavna"

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